Spalted Tamarind Keychain


This double-sided keychain is made from spalted tamarind, hand burned, and is 1.5″ x 1.5″x .5″ in size. Each one is finished with all natural citrus and beeswax wood sealant. It hangs from an inch of Turkish roundmaille made from stainless steel and brass.

Spalted tamarind is considered a magical wood, representing sun, healing, protection, multiplicity, and renewal.

The front has the stave for the Ginnungagap, and is a symbol for neutrality, potential shapeless energy, balance, and is a resource for action.

The back has a bindrune for protection, transformation, strength, cleansing, peace, and joy.

Each piece is made from real wood, and as such each piece will have different patterns in the grain and look totally unique.