Custom Creations

This is a showcase of some of the custom creations I have made for customers. Please email for custom creations, they are always appreciated:

Custom key chain with longboat, bronze seashells, and coffin that opens!
No photo description available.
Bronze scalemaille choker for Beast’s Beauty.
Sapphire and purple dragon.
Custom set I made for a friend, to match her Wolf Moon necklace. She loved the wolves and wanted a bracelet, and needed a dragon choker to match.
Candy Cane weave in bright aluminum with carved elephant pendant was absolute perfection for a friend.
Stainless steel full Persian necklace with dragon heads and a stylized Norse axe head pendant, fully custom for a good friend.
These are my personal chokers that I wear daily. From top to bottom they are stainless steel roundmaille, titanium full Persian, and stainless steel and titanium Byzantine with a custom bronze raven clasp.