Custom Armor

Custom made armor made to fit that customer. Prices for stainless steel shirts start at $800, and each inlay pattern adds $250 to the price. High grade bright aluminum shirts are also available, starting at $400, adding colors and designs adds to the price.

Shirts are usually made in spring or summer, and take around a month to make.

Above is the custom shirt I made with stainless steel and bronze. It has four bindrunes on it for hunting, divine protection, justice, and luck. The end weight was 38 lbs.

Below is the custom shirt I made for my best friend, the Sea Wolf. The shirt is stainless steel with a brass inlay and lining. The stave is for the Sea Wolf flygja. The end weight was around 36 lbs. See my links page for his “pass the rune” video wearing this shirt.

Above are my stainless steel shirts without inlay patterns, they are 31-32lbs and considered combat grade.

If you would like a shirt, please email me and have measurements ready for the best fit. Payment in full, or half up front and half upon completion is acceptable.