Chakra Grimalkin Necklace


Made with 6 gemstones, and choices for chain. This is the most unique and metal chakra necklace you’ll find almost anywhere. It even comes with a choice of stones for the heart chakra and a choice of chain style to put it on.

Third eye chakra- amethyst

Throat chakra- sodalite

Heart chakra- rose quartz or moss agate

Solar Plexus chakra- citrine

Sacral chakra- carnelian

Root chakra- red jasper


Rose Quartz is the best choice if you need to love yourself more, and attract more love into your life.

Moss Agate is the best choice to assist in eliminating depression.

This pendant is great if you love the power of crystals and want to stand out for your awesome sense of style.

Additional information


stainless steel large ball chain, regular stainless steel chain, Black Satin 18" cord

Heart Chakra Gem stone

rose quartz, moss agate