Hex Breaking Spell Necklace


This spell necklace is made to be worn and is designed to break curses that been cast on the wearer, which should also improve their luck. The ingredients are powerful as well as beautiful, because it is not just magick, its jewelry, too.


This necklace is designed to cleanse the wearer of negativity that can be thrown at them. The bottles contain datura, lotus oil, holy thistle, juniper, hydrangea, red agate chips, galangal seeds, and a few other things to ensure that the magick works. It is sealed with black sealing wax so that the cork won’t pop out on accident. The chains used may vary for these, so if you have a preference please send me an email with your order. When I buy pendants I usually get a chain with them so I like to reuse them (they’ve never been worn, I promise) but I end up with multiple colors, lengths, and styles. If you have a preference in length or color of the chain, please let me know with your purchase.

LEGAL DISCLAIMERS: *Metaphysical/magical outcomes are not implied or guaranteed by using this product. Any information stated represents historical uses in alternative spiritual practices. Metalweaver’s Creations does not take responsibility for misuse of products after purchase*

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