Custom Chainmaille Shirts


Chainmaille shirts are custom order only. I do not have any sitting around, I make them to fit their intended user specifically. I need measurements, half the payment upfront, and pictures of the intended wearer to make the best fit.



Pictured in this is my favorite Templar Knight LJ, who is my good friend’s teenager. He is wearing 31 pounds(14.06 kg) of stainless steel. This was made in 2019, between my college classes and recovering from a surgery. Please remember when you order that I am one person and probably can’t bend 31lbs, or 15000 stainless steel rings, in just a couple weeks. Each shirt, especially the fancy ones with inlay patterns made with different metals, takes at least 6 weeks.

Plain stainless steel shirts start at $700.

Each inlay pattern adds $250 to the price.

Each shirt is totally custom fit for the wearer.

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Stainless Steel, Aluminum